Vb validating prevent focus change

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The second note is that depending on how your page is laid out, you may see your button automatically change from “Save” to “Processing…” to “Save” again. The reason for it was that we had a modal layer in which the save button was located.

The Name textbox works very similarly but we don’t have quite as elaborate validation logic. Net provides an excellent validator set of controls, sometimes you need to “roll your own” so to speak when creating your controls.In addition, if you have some AJAX processing with your buttons behind the scenes (for example, saving a record in a popup window) you run the risk of having “double saves” occurring when the user clicks on the button and nothing happens immediately.Then there was “Register Client Script” method injected that caused the page to reload.In my case, the solution was to edit the client script that was registered in the code behind to change the text and status label again.

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