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Suppose you have a background task that counts from one to one million and a progress bar, and you must update the progress on this progress bar as the counter runs in the background. class methods and states must only be accessed on the Java FX Application thread. The purpose of this class is to help the developer to implement the correct interaction between the background threads and the Java FX Application thread. If I might recommend one very quick step to make your code formatting/indentation better, is to just copy the code into a code beautifier (a Java Script or PHP beautifier works fine for Java as well - I often use for Java code) Coding Conventions First of all: You should follow common naming conventions for Java.It makes it harder to read your code if you don't -- or to put it differently: It is easier to help if the code does follow common conventions.A best practice is to do these tasks on one or more background threads and let the Java FX Application thread process user events.If you implement a background worker by creating a Runnable object and a new thread, at some point, you must communicate with the Java FX Application thread, either with a result or with the progress of the background task, which is error prone.You have the following control over the Service object: you can start, cancel and restart it as you need. To start the Service object, use the class, you can observe the state of the background work and optionally cancel it. Thus, the service can be defined declaratively and restarted on demand.

This topic explains the classes available and how to use them to create thread-safe classes in a typical multithreaded application.Everything is handled internally to the class, allowing you to concentrate on how to best use the class, not about how it might get corrupted.An effective technique for creating a fully thread-safe class is to merge the synchronization class into the resource class.The Java FX scene graph, which represents the graphical user interface of a Java FX application, is not thread-safe and can only be accessed and modified from the UI thread also known as the Java FX Application thread.Implementing long-running tasks on the Java FX Application thread inevitably makes an application UI unresponsive.

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