Sungmin dating

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As others say, you don’t even know about my mere existence. And seriously, oppa, I know you are such a private and introvert person. Well, not for fans mainly but like, for yourself because you want a quiet life.. I’m so jealous of her ㅠㅠ How were you able to meet and get close… Was it you who approached her and how did you do it… And it sucks~ Why must be my first dream about you something so heartbreaking and bittersweet…?

I’m just a minor one of the millions or maybe billions of people who look up to you… Nevertheless, all I can really say is she’s such a lucky, lucky girl. I requested to take a photo with you while I’m still holding on to you but again, you needed to go. Even if it was just a dream, but I know, now, that you were speaking to me, about this all..

Last, Kang eonnie was my 3rd favorite character in s1 (jinmyung, jieon, then yina) but she just appears as a cameo in this season :c I really really hope there will be a s3 so i can sleep in peace knowing that nothing's gonna bother me. The friendships, relationship and romance where very realistic. I've been shipping Song Jiwon and Im Seungmin since season 1!! I wish I can see their love story develop (because the girl is obviously Sungmin's daughter at the epilogue of ep 13), but I guess it will be painful to watch because of the articles saying Jiwon is going to die at 30y/o. Hope in episode three they will include kang yina sunbae characters in the story, cause her character brings joy to the belle epoque members.... The flow of the whole story of the girls individually and as a group is so well-connected and lovable! I love this kdrama because I can see myself in bits and pieces of all of the girls!

Please give season 2 lots of love so they'll make another season I think the one character that should be replaced is JUNG YE EUN. And when it come I hope Kang Eonni were there, and ji won too. I think the one character that should be replaced is JUNG YE EUN. And it come I hope Kang Eonni were there, and ji won too. Thank you for such a warm and fuzy and lovable kdrama! The plot is sooo interesting thus completely stopped me from getting a night off. Cant get over with the cutest couple of all, jiwon & Seungwon.

I don't know but I really hate her character since season 1. I don't but I really hate her character since season 1. Or a special episode for them T_T Gonna miss all Since season one ive been anticipated to the flow of the story of friendship with all the girls of bell epoque regardless of their individual hardship... Her character brings the protective instinct toward her episode 10...she's willing to pull the hair of ye-eun friend who pass malicious text towards her...her on the show she brings so much adventure together with the girls... Sung-Min and Ji-Won are the cutest couple and it's kind of disappointing that he pretends not to like her. Little dissapointed because the main cast in season 2 is not the original in season 1.

I couldn’t believe it at first – or perhaps, I didn’t want to believe. ㅠㅠ Facebook mobile was my only gateway to the online world and maybe I’m masochistic, but I scrolled down my timeline – shared links and sad sentiments about it were all around. i can’t even make proper hearts, but ppuing ppuing (credit: mirrorshadow) So, you cried, oppa-ya~ ㅠㅠ It just doesn’t feel right why you are crying… (I love you..) This breaks my heart but I know I’m going to be okay soon. In the end, I’m still going to look at you, save your photos, listen to your music, watch you perform perhaps live.. این برنامه به پروسه بازگشت این گروه به صحنه کی پاپ اختصاص داره … Set one year after season 1 of "Age of Youth." Jin-Myung (Han Ye-Ri) successfully found a job after she returned from China. Eun-Jae (Ji-Woo) broke up with her first love and she is in emotional pain. I've gotta go and ease my breaking heart while trying to move on. My fangirl heart has withstood every single criticism that has gone my way because of this love for you. I forgot kekeke anyway, Sungmin’s usually the quiet one who causes no trouble, but he was rather busy today. You are not mine from the start and you never will… Here are Netizenbuzz articles about it: Sungmin and musical actress Kim Sa Eun confirm they are dating Heechul reveals Sungmin apologized for his dating reveal Sungmin oppa-ya~ I have been your fan and of Super Junior since 2009. I have invested my feelings, my time, my money to you. Like, she could be that girl in We Got Married, or she’s someone you work with in a musical. “Steam lots of pumpkins, cause I ate them all”…or something along that line… But of course, I have no other choice but to let you go, move on.

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