Sex without email and password

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Some 18 per cent of EU respondents agreed with the suggestion that violence against women is often provoked by the victim.Some 11 per cent of Irish and 12 per cent of EU respondents thought being drunk or having used drugs justified sexual intercourse without consent, with those in Romania (30 per cent), Hungary (24 per cent), Bulgaria (21 per cent) and Latvia (20 per cent) the most likely to think this way.This compared to only 2 per cent of respondents in Sweden, Finland, Spain and Denmark.

She builds a strong case for this possibility - citing animal studies using artificial wombs and efforts to engineer artificial human placentas.

This misunderstanding isn't even the most entertaining story in Like a Virgin, in which biologist and science writer Aarathi Prasad looks from several perspectives at the possibility of human parthenogenesis, or reproduction without sex.

The phenomenon is most often associated with the well-known religious tale, but it has been investigated for a variety of reasons throughout history.

One quarter (26 per cent) said they know of a friend or family member who had fallen victim to domestic violence.

The survey also showed up a persistence in victim-blaming.

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