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Jordan began corresponding with Flint Waters, a Wyoming-based investigator of Internet crimes against children.Eventually, she took Jude to Cheyenne, hoping that he could tell Waters about the abuse he’d suffered.Jordan already knew she was going to kill Jude, because he was autistic, or because he was the victim of trauma from which he could never recover, or because he had told her he wanted to die.“Gigi Jordan saw no path by which she could protect her child,” a 2011 bail application filed on her behalf declared.

Yet her wealth proved a burden of its own, allowing her to shuttle Jude from one expert to another, from failed promises of salvation to those that would surely be realized. She became increasingly convinced Jude was trying to tell her that he had been sexually abused and tortured.

So can, intriguingly but only briefly, high fevers.

But there is no silver bullet, nor a target at which to fire one, since autism's locus in the brain is yet another of that disorder’s myriad unknowns.

Jordan had an apartment in the Trump International Hotel & Tower, at Columbus Circle, which had an intricate series of locks to prevent entrance by Mirra and his henchmen.

She and Jude went into the apartment and emerged about five minutes later.

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