Self cam

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Ideally, a convex curve between the onset and maximum position of lift reduces acceleration, but this requires impractically large shaft diameters relative to lift.

Thus, in practice, the points at which lift begins and ends mean that a tangent to the base circle appears on the profile.

These cams are principally used to convert rotational motion to linear motion parallel to the rotational axis of the cylinder.

A cylinder may have several grooves cut into the surface and drive several followers.

Cameroid allows you to take photo snap shots of yourself as if you were in a photobooth, using your webcam or any digital camera connected to your PC, then you can enjoy all the fun face deformation and masking tools.

Once you are happy with your funny or scary picture you can send it to a friend as an ecard (e-card), print it on your printer or send it to an online printing service to get it printed on a t-shirt, mug, mouse pad, poster and other personalised need Flash 9 for it to work.

One problem with skateboards though is they can't turn on a dime.

We recently shot at a HUGE warehouse in San Francisco, possibly about the size of 4-5 city blocks.I use them whenever I find the opportunity when tracking shots or subjects.Combined with a hand held stabilizer, you can get smooth long fast dolly like motion.But a big problem is that you can't throw a Segway in the trunk of your car.So here's a fun new toy i've been riding around with for the last few weeks.

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