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Ceriani 35mm front forks, 230mm Fontana front brake. April/July2014 - Nicely restored, numbers matching, cosmetics very good, top end rebuilt ( bottom end excellent) plus new primary drive gear and primary chain, magneto rebuilt, dynamo upgrade, starts hot or cold easily, very strong engine, smooth clutch and transmission, this is an excellent show bike/rider. There is too much to list so please call me for more details. Cylinder head completely reconditioned by Clever Trevor on Hayling Island. Work on the book spanned over 27 years with the last five years dedicated to intensive research and writing/compilation.This has been a personal project for over 20 years and was recently completed in October 2011. The book provides you with Rollie's background and the heroic efforts leading up to the Great on that fateful day September 13, 1948.To this day, the key ingredients of vintage motorcycling still are - mystery, frustration, sweat, loud noises, smoke, camaraderie, celebration, and contentment."When conditions change and market pressures ease, then considerations such as originality and history must count. Whether riding or taking apart or admiring in your garage or just talking about with kindred friends...Condition can be bought by anybody who can afford the best restoration. Phil Irving left us a precious gift and that realization of his dream can lift us to new heights...we are willing.

Engine all new parts 92 bore X 94 stroke = 1250cc , 5 speeds g-box, Francois Grosset electric starter and electronic ignition, 36mm PHF Dellorto carbs. system was replaced with an Alton 160 watt alt, 12volt regulator/bulbs. Other than repainting the tank and fenders, the rest of paint is original including Girdraulic suspension and Vincent decal on steering head. The film will deepen your understanding and appreciation of Phil Vincent , Phil Irving , and Vincent factory employees who brought a dream to life. Hatfield has certainly reached deep into archives and personal recollections revealing interesting new insights into the man and the era.So it is with a man in his bathing shorts and bath slippers balanced precariously on the rear fender of a Vincent setting the American Motorcycle Speed Record at Bonneville...need to go back to the beginnings.Phil Irving's autobiography gives you historical perspective on the design, production and special magic of the Vincent motorcycle.The Richard Thompson Song about a '52 Vincent Black Lightning clearly conveys the passionate feelings that are generated by beautiful women and powerful motorcycles.Those of us who have experienced both admire Richard's ability of communicating to others the stories of our wildest and deepest loves.

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