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It teaches people to become aware of their present thoughts and feelings, especially ones that are negative or stressful, and encourages them to choose how they react to them instead of being controlled and overwhelmed.

Feelings and thoughts are like plants: the ones that we water will grow.

No matter where we have been in our lives or where we believe we are going, we will always find ourselves in the present moment- so why not learn to notice and appreciate what we have.

The ongoing practices of Mindfulness techniques are proven to help with stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction as well as increase concentration and productivity.

It’s supposed to act as a gateway into Kids Help Phone’s professional counselling service, which is available over the phone or online.

Bro Talk users can request to speak to a male counsellor when calling the hotline or using the live chat.

Stigma and gender stereotypes are just some of the things that keep teen boys from calling the hotline.

“There is a tremendous amount of pressure on teen guys to be autonomous and solve their own problems,” says Alain Johnson, clinical director of Kids Help Phone.

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You are the gardener and can choose which feelings and thoughts you water.

26, close out the season in Ottawa on Saturday afternoon and at home Sunday night against the Penguins.

Mindfulness is a mind-body based technique, stemming from meditational practices.

For most the unpredictable or uncontrollable nature if reality is a source of worry and anxiety.

The practice of Mindfulness techniques such as breath work, meditation, yoga or even simple exercise methods that teach you to be relaxed and aware in the present moment will greatly increase your ability to enjoy your life and bounce back from difficult times.

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