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With her dreams up in the air, how will Echo make it to the London Games?

The Dennis Clan Echo Catherine "EC" Dennis: 16; only daughter of Eli Dennis and Amanda Tannen; mother Amanda left Echo on her grandparent's doorstep when she was a month old and has never been heard from since; step-daughter of Holly Mae Marshall; half-sister of Elijah Dennis; is a Grand Prix level English Dressage and Show Jumping rider; plans on being the youngest gold medalist; lives with her Aunt Melanie and Uncle Ty while her father and grandparents sell their houses; has trained her PRE horse Flyleaf from a colt; secretly in love with Deacon Cabot; best friends with Taggart Bolton; arch-rivals with Brittany Cumberland; birthday July 18th, 1995 (As portrayed by country music star Lauren Alaina) Eli Michael "Daddy" Dennis: 36; Echo's father; had Echo when he was 19; raised Echo with the help of his parents; met and fell in love with Holly Mae Marshall when Echo was five; has a son with Holly Mae; finally proposes to Holly Mae on Mother's Day; is selling his house in Charleston and moving to Stormcreek Plantation to ease Echo's commute to train with Flyleaf; supports Echo wholeheartedly; is a Western style rider and competes with his brother-in-law Ty in team roping; birthday October 18th, 1976 (As portrayed by Enchanted star James Marsden) Ezra Paul "Grandaddy" Dennis: 65; Echo’s grandfather; originally from Chicago; owns his own construction company; dotes on his granddaughter something awful; been married to his wife Gloria for 45 years; they live three doors down from son and granddaughter; does his best to help his son; birthday March 5th, 1946 (As portrayed by According to Jim star James Belushi) Gloria Persimmon "Nanny" Dennis: 62; Echo’s grandmother; adores her granddaughter; will never forgive Amanda for leaving Echo; is the bookkeeper for Ezra's construction company; been married to Ezra Dennis for 45 years; supports her son with every endeavor; introduced Holly Mae Marshall to Eli; birthday March 28th, 1949 (As portrayed by country music star Reba Mc Entire) Holly Mae Marshall-Dennis: 30; Echo's step-mother; was originally set up with Eli by Gloria when Echo was five; has a son with Eli; is good friends with Eli's older sister Melanie; supports Echo in her riding, even though she's terrified of horses; is a second grade teacher; Eli finally proposes on Mother's Day; birthday July 4th, 1981 (As portrayed by Safe Haven star Julianne Hough) Elijah Isaac Dennis: 7; Echo's younger half-brother; is a very sporty kid, plays soccer in the spring and summer and pee-wee football in the fall; thinks Echo's style of riding in boring; is given a horse to train which he names Boone; is terrified of snakes; follows around the ranch hand Jackie Boy like a little shadow; wants to start training for junior rodeo; birthday January 23rd, 2004 (No portrayal at this time)The Halstons Melanie Ruby "Aunt Mellie" Dennis-Halston: 37; Echo’s aunt; older sister of Eli; married to Tyler Jones, a career Navy man; owns Stormcreek Plantation outside Charleston; like Echo, she had dreams of making the Olympics but a devastating injury kept her from achieving her dream; supports Echo in everything she does; will never forgive Amanda for abandoning Echo; adores sister-in-law Holly Mae; English style rider; birthday February 10th, 1974 (As portrayed by Days of Our Lives star Alison Sweeney) Lieutenant Tyler Andrew "Uncle Ty" Halston: 41; Echo’s uncle; retired from the Navy; competed in Eventing while in the Navy; owns Stormcreek Plantation; bought Flyleaf for Echo when she was eight; helps her train in Dressage and Show Jumping; rides both English and Western styles; birthday October 21st, 1970 (As portrayed by The Outsiders star Rob Lowe) Mrs.

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From that moment on she knew what she wanted to do.

Regis: deceased; Bennett's great-grandfather; Baron I's father; was the original owner of the Saints season tickets, purchased them during the inaugural season; fought in WWII; birthday June 3rd, 1922Rebecca Watson-St.

Regis: deceased; wife of Lucas; Baron I's mother; birthday November 12th, 1925Hannibal Preston Maitland: deceased: Bennett's great-great grandfather; Miss Lettie's husband; father of Samuel; died in occupied France during WWII; birthday October 20th, 1912Sally Anne Howell-Maitland: deceased; Bennett's great-grandmother; wife of Samuel; mother of Daniel and Rhetta; birthday December 15th, 1936Bennett's Siblings & Extended Family Baron James St.

Regis, III "Saint": 19; Briony's older brother; is nicknamed Saint by his friends and family; is in the Air Force Academy in Colorado; is a legend at King George High School; has been a relationship with his sister's best friend Larisa Wilkinson since he was a junior; got his pilot's license before his driver's; holds the record for most broken windows in King George High School baseball history; birthday April 15th, 1993 (As portrayed by High School Musical star Zac Efron) Beau Maitland St.

Regis: 8; Bennett's younger half-brother; goes to a math and science heavy magnate school; doesn't relate well to older brother Saint or Dad; blew up Miss Lettie's garden shed with a homemade rocket; is very much a momma's boy; birthday December 3rd, 2004 (As portrayed by Shake it Up star Davis Cleveland) Brett Marie St.

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