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On Why People Fall Too Fast— A visit to a couple’s therapist on Day 8 gives insight on Jessica’s issue.

Looking at the portraits of her exes, it’s easy to see that she jumps into relationships.

On the Fear of Commitment— Jessica reports mixed signals from Tim: “He’s both interested and scared to become intimate, yet he’s still being flirtatious and showing signs of wanting more.” She starts asking more from the relationship. He speaks honestly: “I feel like I’m walking on eggshells a bit.” (Day 12) “Yes, I am interested in more, but it just feels too risky.” (Day 13) “I feel a lot of pressure from Jessie. On Not Giving Up— As in all relationships, things get really tense.

I like a bit of uncertainty, and I like living in the questions. On Day 15, Jessica decides to quit the project, but returns.

Watch the relationship unfold at: I just cant help but wonder if this is all a well designed publicity effort for two accomplished young designers…

Last month we announced that you can pre-order the 40 Days of Dating book! The number one question we had from fans was: What happened after day 40?

The project is the concept of Jessica Walsh (the brilliant new parter of Stefan Sagmeister at Sagmeister & Walsh) and Timothy Goodman, an illustrator, art director and designer with his own firm too.

Two good friends with opposite relationship problems found themselves single at the same time.

Curse me all you want for approaching this development deal with a bitterness only rivaled by Goodman's disdain for Walsh's feelings over the course of the 40 day experiment, but when you take a multi-week break from putting up posts on the site you're trying to sell simply because you're too busy trying to sell it, it's hard to believe that your sale isn't just a complete sell-out.

Jessica Walsh, 26, and Timothy Goodman, 32, both designers based in New York, had been friends for four years; but after finding themselves single at the same time, they decided 'dating' each other would be a worthwhile experiment.

“A few months ago he dated a great girl who seemed to have it all, but he decided he should end things because he didn’t like her shoes. “The next girl he said he liked hooked up with him too soon. It’s 15 days from today to the end of the relationship experiment.

The next girl he dated was amazing but she didn’t like her career as much as he likes his.” The attachment issues led to the first fight, and soon the couple had to— 4. Intense communication and this realization: By Day 24, Tim has decided to give the relationship a go. Find more of their candid “Oh, I see” moments at 40 Days of Dating, and gain perspective for yourself, too.

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