Florida pastor ten commandments for dating daughter

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Find out what this law was about, how it affected businesses, and why it was not approved by listening now.

This is a story that will bring tears to your eyes.

A Lifeway Research study recently found the best predictors of...

In past decades, preachers used 'Turn or Burn' or the fear of Hell to drive people toward salvation in Christ.But the revival of a classic drama is taking that old approach and blending it with a positive focus on the glory of Heaven.For decades, parents and pastors around the world have tried to figure out how to instill faith at a young age so that, when kids have become adults, they still believe in Jesus.This is a story about how, even in the aftermath of the horrific church shooting in Texas, Mike Pence believes in the power of prayer to heal the nation. Imagine going to a Joel Osteen event, waiting in line—and then Joel Osteen himself walks right up to you, says God bless you, takes a selfie with you, and moves along.It’s a fantastic story, one that many people had recently—until they found... A gunman killed 26 people and wounded another 20 at a small Baptist church. Over 2016, Pastor Perry Noble faced a number of personal challenges that ultimately resulted in him having to leave his megachurch behind.

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