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He'd ridden his bike to the Torres home before it started raining, and now it was pouring and no one was answering the door. "I guess it's not true then..." Drew joked."What's not true? After a little over an hour of pretending to be asleep, Eli sat up and reached over for where he'd dropped his jeans. Eli had two texts, both from a few hours earlier and from Clare. There were so many things he'd rather be doing somewhere else. It was kinda pathetic of him."Have any other ideas? " Drew wasn't the brightest of people, so of course he needed help with coming up with things."I guess." Eli shrugged. See you in the morning Eli." Adam slumped off to bed."That was close." Drew laughed."Yeah, I'll say." Eli joked. " Drew chuckled, stepping aside and letting the dripping grade eleven step past. It was now, so they both had around six hours until anyone woke up to come let them out. Eli's back was hurting from the uncomfortable floor. Seeing as how neither of them were sleeping, Eli pushed himself up onto his legs and clicked on the lamp. " Eli was starting to get a little promiscuous, and wanted to get things going through a game of forcing."With only two people? that's pretty lame." Drew said with the dullest voice ever. I don't know, I'm not good at coming up with this shit, I have a better idea, I'll download a truth or dare app on my i Phone and we will let them decide for us, sound good? "Like I just said before you downloaded this." Eli rolled his eyes."Oh God, haha it says to do the belly dance with Drew." Drew laughed. They definately did more than 6 kisses, and they lost count. "Nice cheeks." Eli smirked."Haha, thank you vampire-boy. Sorry dude." Drew smirked and glanced at Eli with a slight grin on his face."Oh, ok, whatever.Drew catches him trying to rape Bianca, and in the ensuing altercation, Bianca knocks him out, and loses her bracelet.Sav meets Palmer on the street, not knowing it is her, and she invites him to the concert, and then on stage with her.

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You can probably borrow something from Drew to sleep in."Eli nodded and followed Adam up the stairs, turning the opposite way Adam did and heading to what he assumed was Drew's room."Yo, Torres, can I borrow some-" Eli's voice cut off. Drew's computer screen shut quickly with a loud snap, removing all light from the room, and his hands recoiled to be visible above the covers. Eli's face turned from the pitch-black room to the hall, where he could hear Mrs. "Uh..." with a huff, Eli took a half step past the doorway, into Drew's room, and shut the door behind him, evacuating all light from the premises. He could have just as easily shut the door and been on his way. Drew's confusion soon turned to pleasure when he felt his dick indulged by Eli's mouth."Aw, yeah!"At least lock the door, man." Eli held up his hand, dramatically shielding his eyes with his head turned away."Grace—er, Adam, honey? All of this excitement was just too much for Drew; before he could warn Eli, Drew shot the biggest load he's ever had straight down Eli's throat. "Now it's your turn vampire boy."Sorry this update took me so long! He walked over to Drew and gave him the best belly dance he could. " Eli snickered."Not too bad, nicely done vampire boy." Drew gave a side grin."Alright my turn, Drew truth or dare? " Eli didn't really know what to say, because he liked everything about Drew."Fair enough, your turn, and I pick truth as well." Drew did after all have a jock-ish attitude, so he wasn't hurt by what Eli said."It's asking What's your favorite Disney movie, wow, that's lame, but whatever. Eli slowly leans in toward Drew and presses his lips against Drew. What happens in this room stays in this room right? " Eli stuck his tongue out and wiped it off with his blanket."Hmm, Dare." Drew pondered."Oh boy, it says beg Eli to spank you." Eli raised an eyebrow."Haha wow, ok. " Drew batted his eyelashes and stuck his butt towards Eli. " Adam rubbed his eyes and yawned, he just woke up and was in the mood to do a round of zombie destroying."Uhh...Drew took in a quick, shocked gasp as his face became bright red. But, even without vision, Eli recognized the scene. " Eli shouted, his voice slightly hoarse from the Zombie-killing screams. Neither Drew nor Eli dared to reply until they both recognized the clunk of footsteps coming up the stairs."Close the door, damn it." Drew commanded in a hissed whisper. I've never gotten a blowjob before, not even from Ali! This was not something you did when you knew your brother's friend was over. " Drew sunk his face into his pillow so he could moan in silence.

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