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Let’s say she has a favorite song mentioned in this section.

Try using a lyric from that song in the first sentence of your message to her.

Yes, I am serious, though I can't figure out in what context that would work in the first place.

You’re watching Em Lovz TV, the place to be if you’re looking to meet and attract beautiful women.

Chances are it’s not because anything you said or what you look like. When you date multiple women at once, you don’t form unnatural attachments out of scarcity. I gather that you’re somewhat of a genius since you’re watching this video and all of the geniuses I know, understand the value of saving time and energy.

This is essentially the question that Ok Cupid explores with their statistics.

First, some interesting stats from their website: - 16% of all first messages are over 2000 characters, or about 400 words.

A recent Elite Daily article about cheating sums up a sh*t ton of what’s wrong with the mindset of someone who cheats, under the guise of asking for lenience and understanding.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s misguided on about seven different levels.

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