Dating career woman

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Let him find out himself once you’re on month two and he appreciates that you don’t sit by the phone waiting for him.

On your first meeting, let him hold the door for you and pull out your chair.

But when you meet a guy for the first time sandwiched in between appointments, you’re probably…

a) bringing your Black Berry, i Phone or both b) bringing your work “game face” to the table c) bringing stress to the entire experience The first two can probably be fixed; i.e., put your phone away and turn your “work game face” into a “date game face.” But that last one may be a doozy to change.

Bonus tip: if he grabs your hand, don’t become the one who’s pulling him out the door and down the street! Buttoning Up We understand you’re a powerful businesswoman, and men can absolutely appreciate that you’re successful of your own accord.

In fact, they’ll probably appreciate that you’re financially independent and ambitious.

If someone were to ask you what you've done over the past decade, what would you say? If that's the case, you chose to pursue some crazy demanding career, the kind of career that demands to be in the center of attention in your life, much like an attention-deprived toddler.

Most of you probably went off to college, got bachelor's degrees, landed good jobs and maybe even maneuvered up the corporate ladder. Maybe you found "the one." Maybe you got married, had a baby or two or even watched them grow up a little. Then, you have done nothing but nurture that for the past decade.

It may not bother you; after all, you’re used to scheduling things back to back.But rest assured, my fellow ambitious ladies, your Prince Charming is out there somewhere. I hate to use this phrase, but it's absolutely true. Work things always go on the front burner because they have deadlines and priorities. So sometimes, that date really might have to get rescheduled.When he finds you, give him these six tips: Just because a woman has a successful career, that doesn't mean she expects you to. We aren't contacting your last employer, and we don't care how your 401(k) is doing. Nobody wants his or her accomplishments to be minimized and beaten down into a box. Don't be surprised that you take second place to a career woman's job. That argument really does have to wait until later because at the moment, her brain is overwhelmingly flooded with work-related issues. It's just that sometimes, work really does have to come first.He might not be making as much as you, but we’re pretty sure he can pay for your Cobb salad and an iced tea — so a wallet reach is fine, but let him pay the bill.If you’re trying to show him that you’re an independent woman, don’t do it by paying for your date.

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