Advantage of online dating

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Without online dating, I’d probably still be the lonely, fearful, guy that I was before creating my profile. People misrepresenting their ages, not looking like their photos, being the opposite of how they describe themselves, not being honest about their backgrounds, passionately emailing but never going further.

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But beyond the isolated personal ad, that doesn’t seem to have happened. Jed Ringel is an Ivy League dropout who’s been a failed sculptor, a morally bankrupt Wall Street lawyer, and the founder of an IT company, the sale of which allowed him to retire at 50.As for me, without online dating, I would still be stuck in serious relationship quandaries.The wide dating experience it enabled made it obvious to me that I was attracted to the same personality traits that had drawn me into an unhappy, now-terminated, 20-plus year marriage.Sun Myung Moon — who once married disciples by the thousands — pick our spouses). Online dating may generate more of these unfortunate encounters, but that’s probably because it produces more dating experiences.The fact is that, after this first stage, whether you met on the Internet or at TGI Fridays, deciding to continue seeing a person inevitably becomes about a great deal more. As with a bad restaurant experience — which should make us smarter about where we dine (rather than give up on eating out) — these experiences can make us better at assessing people, more knowledgeable about our own blind spots and more intelligent about our choices.

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