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Along with the moon-like landscapes, Badlands National Park is one of the largest protected mixed-grass prairies in the United States.

This blend of long and short grasses helps sustain the abundance of wildlife that lives inside the park.

Researchers and Paleontologists have uncovered ancient three-toed horses, tiny deer-like creatures, turtles, a saber-toothed cat and other species in the area.

Rangers, sightseers and even hikers have stumbled upon fossils in the park, so visitors can often watch active excavations.

We love groups - Reunions, Bus Tours, even weddings ~ Call us to make arrangements for your get-together! World-class fossils of Badlands mammals, marine reptiles & dinosaurs. Educational exhibits and kiosks tell the stories of early cattle companies cowboys, sheep/wool industries, 95 years of the Black Hills Roundup Rodeo, railroad, military, paleontology, industry, pioneers and two-story 1876 Johnny Spaulding Cabin.

Superb exhibits of meteorites, minerals, ores & gold replicas.

Antelope, deer and prairie dogs are the most commonly seen animals, but Bighorn Sheep and the endangered Black Footed Ferret also reside inside the boundaries of the Badlands.

Hiking, backpacking and wilderness camping are also popular activities in the Badlands. Website: Fees/Reservations: Entrance fee is collected year-round.

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